I am ashamed to say that after six years of writing, my goal to have at least one manuscript written every year has fallen short. In the year of 2013, I was not able to finish a manuscript. I have no excuse. If I did, however, I would say that for the good part of the year, my works were trapped on an unreachable device (my second laptop). It stopped turning on and I could not retrieve some of the manuscript that I had already started. After a few months, I tried to ‘pick up where I thought I might have left off’. Near the end of the year, I enlisted and was sent off to Basic Combat Training. I just finished Advanced Individual Training this last month. I have made a plan for the rest of 2014. I am currently writing Nicole 7 and Cursed Brothers II: Keeper. My new goal is to finish these two manuscripts by December 31st. This way, I can sort of say ‘this makes up for last year’. Wish me luck.

Emily Cooper


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